XCMG has always kept its vanguard role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 25years.
  • 2201

    e77乐彩登录最新版Build the Steel Allies to win the world-class competition

  • 2201

    With one million + views, XCMG makes presence in these memorable scenes!

  • 1701

    e77乐彩登录最新版At minus 25 degrees, XCMG continues to bond with “Frozen” fairytale with its strong power

  • 1401

    CCTV Report! XCMG Workers at Minus 40 Degrees

  • 1101

    e77乐彩登录最新版Wang Min’s Message to XCMG Brazil: To become a new benchmark for XCMG’s main strategy of going global!

  • 1001

    Magnificent! The world focuses on XCMG machinery fleet in India

  • 0801

    [A good start] XCMG XC9 high-tech loaders are exported to North America in batches

  • 3112

    XCMG Excels in the Smart Manufacturing Era

  • 1912

    Working at minus 40 degrees, with 95% attendance, XCMG GR5505 conquered Novosibirsk!

  • 1812

    e77乐彩登录最新版Responding to “Road and Belt” initiative, XCMG set up another KD factory abroad!

  • 1612

    Digging at three kilometers above sea level, XCMG underground diaphragm wall grabber in Tibet

  • 0512

    Water cellar build by XCMG in Africa: the most precious gift from China

  • 0412

    What a view! Over 200 XCMG equipment exported overseas!

  • 0312

    One of its kind! XCMG was invited to attend the 3rd China Machinery Fair in Moscow!

  • 0212

    Storming all over the Volga River! XCMG truck-mounted crane made its debut in Kazan!

  • 3011

    5G is coming! XCMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with and China Unicom

  • 2611

    XCMG, Shines on the International Market

  • 2311

    Win for All! XCMG Signs with Rio Tinto, a Worldwide Known Mining Giant

      • No.1 among Chinese construction machinery industry
      • No.5 among world construction machinery industry
      • No.2 among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese machinery industry
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